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Group Personal Pensions

We provide fully advised corporate pension solutions to small and medium size businesses. These operate in a similar way to Personal Pension Plans and can offer greater fund choice and access to portfolio investments. We choose from a selection of providers, carefully chosen by our adviser network, Caerus Financial Limited We can also offer auto-enrolment compliant schemes on a similar basis to the above. For lower cost solutions we refer clients to our trusted auto-enrolment specialists; Fleet Workplace Pensions Ltd.

Fleet Workplace Pensions specialises in auto-enrolment consultancy. Their services focus complete A to B solutions for small businesses, with low fees and the ability to work remotely with clients. Services provided by Fleet Workplace Pensions are provided wholly and exclusively by them. If you would like to speak with them regarding your auto-enrolment please contact them on;


Tel: 01252 477955



The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate auto-enrolment services.

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