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Equity Release

We believe Equity Release can be a incredibly useful tool for the right clients, however it's an important and long term decision and getting the right advice is vital.

We primarily offer advice on Lifetime Mortgages however we can also advise on Home Reversion Plans, though their use is very limited. Lifetime Mortgages provide tax-free cash using the equity in your home. This cash can be used for any legal reason, the most common uses are:

  • To provide surplus income in retirement

  • Funds for one-off spending such as gifts to family, a new car or holidays

  • To make home improvements (or even purchase a new home)

  • Debt consolidation to improve cashflow in retirement

  • To mitigate against inheritance tax - a Lifetime Mortgage is a debt against the borrower's estate and can help reduce inheritance tax liability (speak to us to find out more)

We only recommend lenders that are part of the Equity Release Council, providing even more assurance of quality and standards.

A Lifetime Mortgage allows home owners (usually over 55) to take out a mortgage on the equity in their property to release tax-free cash. In many ways it's similar to a normal mortgage but with key differences:


  • It's usually on a fixed rate for life

  • The loan is repayable on selling your property or the last surviving borrower moving into a care home or passing away, rather than a normal mortgage term

  • Available for people with low or no income

  • Products are available with no monthly repayments using an "interest roll up" or on interest only

  • Lending amounts are based on the oldest borrowers age and the property value

  • Available with a drawdown facility, allowing borrowers to take additional funds (lump sum, monthly, annually) without any new applications or underwriting

  • Borrowers must use an independent solicitor during the mortgage

Retirement should be enjoyed and Equity Release can be a powerful tool to enhance your lifestyle. We're here to ensure all of our clients make an informed decision that meet their long term goals, we also encourage a client's family to be involved so everyone understands the process and any future implications.

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and could also affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

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